CV-19 Information

Information for parents/carers:

We update our whole school Covid 19 risk assessment regularly inline with national guidance.   Please access it here to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.  


We ask that all families, staff and visitors continue to test themselves at home twice a week using the free kits.  If anyone needs more kits, please let our office team know and will we will try to help.

Following advice from the DFE, on return to school in January 2022 all consenting students aged 11 and over will be tested on site on Thursday 6th January. 

Other daily practices include: 

  • Hand sanitizing on entry to school.

  • Students age 11 or over should continue to wear face coverings for using public transport, LA transport,  and for local trips to shops and cafes. 

  • Students will wash hands on arrival at school; before and after eating; before and after using the toilet; and between every lesson.  We will provide hand sanitiser where hot water and soap cannot be used.  We will remind children of how and when to wash their hands.

In addition, a temporary measure has been put in place nationally to manage the increase due to the Omicron Variant.  As such, all staff, plus secondary aged students (who are not exempt) will be asked to wear face coverings in classrooms and communal areas around the buildings.  They do not need to be worn in the playgrounds.

Thank you all for continuing to support us here at Holmewood as we work through this crisis together.

Contact tracing and isolating:

All secondary aged students (and staff) have been issued with home test kits to complete twice a week.  

We ask that you do this on Mondays and Thursdays wherever possible.  

In the case of a positive test result, please contact the Head Teacher directly as soon as you know and then arrange a PCR test to confirm.  


If the PCR test result is positive you must continue to isolate.  
If the PCR test result is negative you can return to school (as long as you do not have symptoms).  

Any person who has symptoms of Covid-19 must not come to school.  


Others in your household do not need to isolate if they are under 18 or have been fully vaccinated but they should arrange a PCR test and wait at home for the results.  

Support for students:

Information for external visitors:


Tours for admissions will resume in September 2021.   At present (January 2022) we are continuing with admissions.  Should cases rise locally or nationally this is subject to change.  


For all visitors we continue to ask that you  complete a Lateral Flow Test at home within 24 hours before your visit.    Please expect that our office staff will ask you about this. 

In addition, all visitors must be willing to wear a mask if requested by staff or students when visiting the school (unless they are exempt or under age 11).  If you forget your face mask, we can provide one for you.  

Thank you for your understanding.