CV-19 Information

Information for parents/carers:

As of Monday 8th March, all students are back in school for on-site, face to face learning.  However, there are still some areas of importance that we ask you to note. 


We update our whole school Covid 19 risk assessment regularly inline with national guidance.  The latest update took place 17th May 2021.  Please take a look at our revised risk assessment which outlines our revised procedures to ensure everyone in our community is kept as safe as possible. 

So what next?


The school re-opened in full for face to face onsite education for all students from Monday 8th March 2021.  A letter was sent to all parents in preparation for this.  You can access this letter by clicking here. 

On 17th May 2021, England moved into step 3 of the government's plan to ease out of lockdown.    As such, our risk assessment has been revised again and a new letter has been issued to parents about the new changes.  To access this latest letter, click here.  

In order to reduce the risk of any virus spreading, students will be still be assigned an in-school group and will not mix with large numbers of students from the other groups unless they are outside in the playground, forest or at outdoor sporting events.    The students in each group will be fixed, and as far as possible, the staff will also be fixed.  This way, if there are further cases of CV19 in school, they will hopefully be contained to those within that group   However, if staff do become ill, some changes to staff teams will naturally need to take place.  Senior leaders will be present in school each day on both sites.

However, as of 17th May (and from after May half term) we have added a little more flexibility to support social interaction.  In particular, students will be allowed to join mixed bubble clubs as long as numbers do not exceed 7 students and ventilation and hygiene rules are followed.  

After the May half term (i.e. from 7th June) we will also resume face to face assemblies on both sites.  Again, ventilation and hygiene is key.

Other daily practices include: 

  • Morning temperature checks on arrival at school.

  • Students age 11 or over should continue to wear face coverings for using public transport, LA transport, the school MPV, and for local trips to shops and cafes.  

  • Staff will continue to wear face coverings in all communal areas of the school buildings and if 'visiting' another bubble for a short time.

  • Students will remain in their transport in the morning until called and then make their way immediately to their classroom. At the end of day, they will be called from their outdoor space and escorted to their transport. Parents will need to stand by their vehicles at 8.45am and 3.30pm so we can identify which students are ready to come into school or be collected. Parents must not congregate by the school gates or allow their children through the gates without being called. 

  • There will be a colour-coded tape system in place:

    • Red tape = do not cross this line or go into these spaces.  This is used to mark out zones around desks (e.g. to give secondary teachers more room around their desks as they work with all bubbles)

    • Yellow tape or 'caution' signage = this indicates an area to be ALERT to (e.g. a highly used area. Only one person should be in this space

    • If an area is being cleaned, yellow caution tape will be put up as a barrier.

  • Students will wash hands on arrival at school; before and after eating; before and after using the toilet; and between every lesson.  We will provide hand sanitiser where hot water and soap cannot be used.  We will remind children of how and when to wash their hands.

  • Students will be expected to practice social distancing in communal areas and be tolerant to each other re. needs in the classroom.

  • Lunch will be eaten in a variety of locations including some older students eating outside at picnic tables (weather permitting).

  • Parents and other visitors will only be allowed on the premises if essential and if planned.  All meetings (e.g. annual reviews) will still take place remotely.    Where allowed, only one parent can visit at a time and a negative covid test (lateral flow or PCP) will need to have been taken within the last 24 hours.  

  • Most staff training will still take place remotely, unless outside.

Each day, your child will need to bring:

  1. School bag

  2. Water bottle

  3. Lunch in a sealed container

  4. A sealable plastic bag for any used PPE (from travelling)

  5. Fresh and clean face coverings for any community based activities

  6. Tissues

  7. Pencil case with their own: writing pen and pencil, colouring pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, compass and protractor (in secondary classes), calculator (for secondary classes, if you have one)

No toys will be allowed from home.  Sharing of any items or food from home will not be allowed. 

Thank you all for continuing to support us here at Holmewood as we work through this crisis together.

Testing in school:

The testing in school programme has now closed.  

All secondary aged students (and staff) have been issued with home test kits to complete twice a week.  

We ask that you do this on Mondays and Thursdays wherever possible.  

In the case of a positive test result, please contact the Head Teacher directly as soon as you know so that they are arrange to isolate any close contacts of your child.  

Your child must then get a PCR test to confirm if they have Covid-19.  

If the PCR test is positive, your child (and the household) must isolate at home for the specified duration.  

If the PCR test is negative, your child can return to school along with all those who were identified as close contacts.  

Support for students:

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe and as such we are unable to offer visits or tours of the School at the present time. Please email the Admissions Manager in order to keep up to date with regards to future tours and visits.

For the agreed reasons where visitors are permitted, this will just be one person at a time.  In the case of admissions, this may be the child and one parent/carer.  

For all visitors, proof of a negative covid 19 test taken within the last 24 hours will be required.  

In addition, all visitors must wear a clean face mask when visiting the school (unless they are exempt or under age 11).  If you forget your face mask, we can provide one for you.  

Thank you for your understanding.