CV-19 Contingency

Information for parents/carers:

We continue to respond positively to the Government’s agenda to gradually welcome students back to school.


From 1st June special schools are asked to work towards a phased return of more children and young people, without a focus on specific year groups but informed by risk assessments.  Until the end of the summer term we will:

    • Continue to offer places to all children and young people with EHC plans whose risk assessment determined that was the right course of action. 

    • Ensure as many children and young people as possible are actively transitioning back to on-site education in specialist settings, using a variety of flexible approaches. This may include:

      • ​part-time timetables and attendance rota

      • blended onsite and home learning

      • phased returns for individuals or groups


With this in mind, our guiding principles for how to move forward through this transition as smoothly as possible can be described using the SWAN analogy and approach:



  • We will look after your child physically and emotionally.

  • We will provide clear and consistent rules.

  • Staff will model new protocols and ways of working and living.

  • We endeavour to have clear communication with parents so you trust that your children are as safe as possible.

  • We will have honest, factual conversations with children.


  • We will aim to create an environment that follows the rules but also feels warm and welcoming. 

  • There are no clear answers for how to do this but we want your child to walk into school and feel they belong and that we are delighted they are here.

  • We will use our creativity to develop new rules for social interaction that still make people feel supported.

All together for the child

  • We will support each other as fellow humans.

  • We will work together to make our children feel included, no matter what our names or job titles are.  Not one of us has all the answers.

  • We will rely on our strong relationships with families

  • When in doubt during this time, we will ask ourselves how the children feel and what they need.


  • Our children have missed a lot of school. Although it is tempting to ‘make up for lost time’ we need to focus on rebuilding relationships.

  • We are all on ‘high alert’ right now and therefore we are not primed for learning. 

  • Also, we will have forgotten a bit about how to learn, how to be around people etc.  

  • This is the ‘mother of all transitions’.  It will take time and we need to create an environment where people can find their feet again.  

  • We will make sure our children can stay safe but be able to laugh and have fun together.

So what next?


The school will be open from Tuesday 2nd June 2020 to the end of term.  In order to do this safely students have been put into one of five groups based on the risk assessments we have made for them.  Parents have had phone calls and letters to explain which group their child is in and what the educational offer (on site and off site) is to them.  


In order to reduce the risk of any virus spreading, students will remain in their group and will not mix with students from the other groups.   Each group is split into small groups (‘Bubbles’).  The students in each bubble will be fixed, and as far as possible, the staff will also be fixed.  This way, if there is a case of CV19 in school, it will hopefully be contained to those within that bubble.   However, if staff do become ill, some changes to staff teams will naturally need to take place.  Senior leaders will be present in school each day on both sites.


Students that are in school will be doing the same work (set on Google Classroom) as those who are working at home.  Given that we are a small school with only one of each subject teacher, we will not be able to run lessons in the classroom as well as online at the same time. Continuing to work in this way means that students in school will still see their peers at live form times and within live taught lessons and teachers will be able to provide equal education to all students.  Whether you are at home or in school, your child’s form teacher continues to be the main point of contact for families. 

For those who are spending some time in school there are additional changes on both sites (Woodside Park Road and East End Road).  These include: 

  • Morning temperature checks on arrival at school.

  • ​Students will learn, eat and play in their bubble groups. This may not be with children or staff in their usual class.

  • The school day will start at the usual time of 8.45am but students will be collected at 2.30pm to allow staff time to wash down and sanitise any equipment used before making their journeys home before peak traffic.

  • Students will remain in their transport in the morning until called and then make their way immediately to their classroom. At the end of day, they will be called from their classroom and escorted to their transport. Parents will need to stand by their vehicles at 8.45am and 2.30pm so we can identify which students are ready to come into school or be collected. Parents must not congregate by the school gates or allow their children through the gates without being called. 

  • There will be a colour-coded tape system in place:

    • Red tape = do not cross this line or go into these spaces.  This is used to mark out zones around desks (e.g. in the office)

    • Yellow tape = this indicates an area to be ALERT to (e.g. a highly used area. Only one person should be in this space)

    • 2m tape = this is used where queuing may be needed (e.g. near doorways/entrances)

    • If an area is being cleaned, yellow caution tape will be put up as a barrier.

  • Students will wash hands on arrival at school; before and after eating; before and after using the toilet; and between every lesson.  We will provide hand sanitiser where hot water and soap cannot be used.  We will remind children of how and when to wash their hands.

  • Students will be expected to practice social distancing.  We will all try to stay 2m apart from each other at all times. Bubbles must not mix together.

  • Break times and lunch times will be staggered to reduce the number of people in the playground.

  • Lunch will be eaten in classrooms within bubbles. 

  • Parents and other visitors will only be allowed on the premises if essential and if planned.  Most meetings (e.g. annual reviews) will still take place remotely.  


Each day, your child will need to bring:

  1. A packed lunch in a container and any plate or cutlery they need.  

  2. A bottle of drink.

  3. A bag to take home any rubbish from their lunch. 

  4. A pencil case with their own pencils, pens, erasers, ruler, sharpener, and any colouring pencils they want to bring. 

  5. Their ChromeBook


No toys will be allowed from home.  Sharing of any items from home will not be allowed. 


If you need your child to continue to travel by Local Authority transport, you will need to contact your transport provider as soon as possible to let them know of your new arrangements and which days your children will be going to school.  

We will be providing more information to your child once they return to school. If you need any further details do not hesitate to contact one of the other Senior Leaders. 


Thank you all for continuing to support us here at Holmewood as we work through this crisis together.

Resources for parents:

Support for students:

Students can access the following:

  • academic work primarily through Google Classroom 

  • pastoral and wellbeing contact by email and Google Hangouts

  • therapy provision as per the attached RE Plan (due to each therapy needing a different way of working). 

  • physical education by email instruction, Google Classroom and/or Hangouts with Mr Rose.

Resources for Students:

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe and as such we are unable to offer visits or tours of the School at the present time. Please email the Admissions Manager in order to keep up to date with regards to future tours and visits.

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