We have our own in-house specialist who runs Psychotherapy at The Holmewood School; Maaike Engelen -Highly Specialised  Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Registration: Association for Child Psychotherapy (ACP)


I trained at the British Association for Psychotherapy, now BPF, and qualified in 2009.

My training placement was in Oxleas Greenwich CAMHS from 2005 until 2009 where I gained experience in working with children under five, young people, and adolescents. I also gained experience in working with parents, carers and families and was employed by the NHS until 2013. I introduced a food group for young people with autism in the NHS together with a clinical psychologist and it has since been one of my interests to understand the emotional and psychological and subconscious meaning of eating habits.


I have been working at the Holmewood School since its beginnings and have contributed to the whole school approach by exploring the importance of intrinsic motivation and intrinsic rewards for young people with SEN.

These explorations have become part of the teaching approaches and ways in which staff communicate with the students. I offer staff consultations and specialist supervision.


I offer one to one therapy sessions varying from one to three times per week depending on the need of the young person. The emphasis in my work is on liberating and facilitating the young person’s understanding of themselves. I offer a confidential and safe space in which free association and play lead to the unconscious blockages the young person has identified with and which causes mental and emotional suffering and inhibitions. A lifting of these unconscious blockages and identifications helps the young persons to get in touch with their potential and increases overall psychic, emotional and physical wellbeing.


I offer parent work varying from once a week to once a month. I also offer sessions for parents or carers and the young person’s together, if such might be needed.


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