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The Holmewood school has provided me with excellent therapy sessions to help support my well being. 
I like the mentoring sessions that the school offers me as the teacher's guide me in the right way. 
I also like the trips which we go on as they are always fun! 

Holmewood School makes me feel accepted, calm and happy. I joined almost two years ago and the school has helped me develop my self confidence and it has also improved my work ethic.

Before I came here, I had very little self confidence and was not willing to do my school work as I found it too difficult. Holmewood takes the pace of learning slower and makes sure I understand the work before I move on, so now I am more willing to do school work.

Being around other autistic young people has developed my self confidence as I now know that there are a lot of people who are just like me and have the same struggles with noise and crowded places. Livia

I like the Holmewood school because it is different. The teachers understand when I need a learning break. 
I like Holmewood because we have a great Art department which gives me the space to express myself. 
I also love VR in computing. It is one of my favourite lessons. Ediz

I like the Holmewood school because I get to learn new life skills, such as cooking and independent travelling. 
I absolutely love girls club as I can meet up with the other girls in the school and do girly things together. 
The Holmewood has helped me develop a friendship with a peer in my class who is now my BFF! Clara

Holmewood is  a very nice and safe place to be. It has a very warm welcoming atmosphere and the staff are very friendly. School has helped me by allowing me to study courses that I really enjoy. Sixth Form Student

This school has helped provide opportunities for me, both socially and academically. The school and the teachers within, are all amazing and willing to help overcome any and all problems students have. Sixth Form Student

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