Academic progress


In 2018-2019 Overall Progress was judged to be Outstanding

  • Overall progress at KS2 is outstanding. 

  • Overall progress at KS3 is outstanding. 

  • Overall progress at KS4 is outstanding. 

  • Overall progress in 6th form is outstanding.  


In 2018 - 2019 the percentage of students making outstanding progress in Reading, writing, maths and science was increased in every Key Stage. 

At KS2, 71.5% made outstanding progress in reading, 28% in Writing, 78% in Maths and 64% in Science (all increases on last academic year).


At KS3, 84% made outstanding progress in reading, 69% in Writing, 61% made outstanding progress in Maths and 50% in Science (all increases on last academic year).


At KS4, 100% made outstanding progress in English. 86% made outstanding progress in Maths and 86% in Science (all increases on last academic year).


Summer 2019 examination results:

In 2019 40 examinations were sat.  This is our highest number of exams on record.  This consisted of the following:

  • 8 students taking GCSE; 

  • 2 students taking Level 2 BTEC or UAL diplomas; 

  • 1 student taking Level 3 BTEC;

  • 2 students taking Level 1 City & Guild qualifications; 

  • 12 students taking Bronze (Level 1) Arts Awards;

  • 2 students taking Silver (Level 2) Arts Awards; 

  • 15 students taking Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications


Preparing for and sitting external exams is a considerable achievement for our students.


High levels of anxiety and difficulties with organisation are common features of students with ASD and we take these factors into account when making our judgements.


In summary our examination results were:

  • 96% pass rate at GCSE (9-1 grades)

  • 52% 9-4 grades at GCSE (English, Maths, Science, Art, History)

  • 100% 9-5 grades in Double Science GCSE

  • 100% 9-4 grades in Art GCSE

  • 100% passes at Level 2 and Level 3 BTECs (with 40% at Distinction)

  • 100% passes at Entry Level (with 70% gaining Entry Level 3, 22% gaining Entry Level 2, 8% gaining Entry Level 1)

  • 100% passes for all Arts Awards (Level 1 and 2)


In addition, we are proud to say that this year we had our first leaver go on to university after receiving 4 offers including 1 unconditional offer.  He will be studying Business at South Bank University.


All leavers in July 2019 have continued in full time education.  


Progress Against Targets on IEPs :


All students at Holmewood have IEP targets based on the 4 areas of need.

1.  Communication and interaction

2.  Cognition and learning

3.  Social, emotional and mental health

4.  Sensory and/or physical


Progress against targets on IEPs was 82.5% met or exceeding across KS2, KS3, KS4 and 6th Form. By our own measures and standards this is ‘outstanding’.   


In our Functional Skills group, 75% of targets were met or exceeded which is ‘expected’. 

Progress in  Relation to Behaviour:

Overall, behaviour at the Holmewood School is Outstanding.


Our data shows that 89.6% of ‘days’ were either Green or Gold.  This is a 5% increase on last academic year. For reference, ‘green’ is our expectation and denotes good behaviour. Gold is used only when the student has gone ‘above and beyond’ e.g. supporting another student, doing something without being asked, completing a random act of kindness towards another person.  

6.5% of days were Amber which refers to low-level disruption and 3.9% were Red.  


It is worth noting that the number of ‘red incidents’ decreased by 41% from the previous year.  


In addition, the use of physical interventions decreased by 70% this year.  

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at The Holmewood School London is judged to be Good to Outstanding. 

In January 2018, during our inspection, Ofsted agreed that all teaching observed was at least good.



The national expectation for attendance is 95%.  In 2018-2019 attendance was judged to be Good and just under threshold at 92.6%.  It is worth noting that this year we had a 35% increase in admissions and some of these students needed extended transition time.  

Pupil Premium:

In 2018 - 2019 we had one student in receipt of pupil premium.  This student made outstanding progress across the curriculum. It is likely that there are a significant number of other students eligible for pupil premium but information (and funding) is not passed on to the school from the LAs concerned.    


Looked After Children:

In 2018 - 2019 we had 1 LAC on role.  This student made good and outstanding progress across the curriculum.   



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