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Our offer to you


The Holmewood School leaves no stone unturned to maximise outcomes for students wherever their starting point and we achieve this by thinking differently about our curriculum offer. 


We teach the national curriculum but have designed it so it is relevant, accessible and motivating to our cohort.  We deliver it in a flexible manner, supported by a range of therapies and interventions that are informed by a wealth of research and experience in the field of autism. 


All of our curriculum subjects are underpinned by a whole school drive to support our young people in understanding and advocating for themselves, building healthy relationships with others and building resilience. This is so that they can become healthy, happy, productive and connected members of society.   


As our students get older, we take the special interests of individuals and create a way for them to engage in school using these as a motivation. This allows bespoke cross curricular programmes so students can work towards their goals, whether this be to attend university, become a rockstar, a famous chef or an author, or to be employed and live independently. 


We see these goals become vocations as we use our bespoke approach to prepare our young people for the next stage of their education. With the young person at the centre of all planning, we map out a bespoke pathway with them and provide the support they require to be successful in that path. This is why Holmewood students, irrespective of their starting points, leave the school knowing who they are and where they are going.   

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