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Upper School


In KS4, students move to our Upper School site which in itself, allows for increased levels of independence and autonomy.  Much of the KS4 curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge acquired from the KS3 programmes. We create appropriate learning programmes for students matched to their interests, skills, ability and aspirations.


The KS4 programmes encourage students depending on their ability to undertake external exams. We follow a range of exam courses including, Edexcel, WJEC, and AQA. 


GCSEs will be offered to students in areas where they are able to tackle the exams confidently. Students who are studying for GCSE examinations will have small group or individual tuition in order to cover the full syllabus.


Current courses on offer include: English, Maths, Computing, History, Science, Art and Design, Humanities, Drama and Languages (where relevant to individual's strengths and interests).


Students can follow GCSE or Entry Level courses in the core subject areas.  We expect every student leaving The Holmewood School to have attained at least entry level in each of the core areas. Some students may take a combined approach, and follow a GCSE course and an entry level course, depending on their abilities and interests.


All KS4 students follw the Life Skills programme and this may include Travel Training to work towards independent traveling. Programmes are devised to work on building the skills students will need to go on to further study or work. 



Image of a student drawing mushrooms in their art book
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