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Our New Site at East End Road!

I am very excited to announce that we reopened our East End Road (EER) site in September in order to extend our provision offer to the students.

Cavendish Education has made a substantial investment in the facilities, and as a result we have built a beautiful food technology kitchen, a new computing suite and a lovely new art room at EER.

We will now be able to offer Food Technology to students from year seven and as a GCSE to a greater number of students, which is excellent because we know how motivated our students are by cooking. This change also makes more space available at Muswell Hill for a greater number of subjects to be offered to our Upper School Students.

Due to the subjects offered, EER will be a coveted destination for students. Before we opened the Muswell Hill Site, we used EER for our sixth form provision. The site is situated within a walled community and has a forest, a cafe, an arts stable and many other facilities which the students will be able to engage with safely.

Students from the Upper and Lower School will be attending EER for different subjects, which means that their ability to interact with different friends from both sites will increase. Using the new facilities onsite and within the local community, we are planning to offer clubs at lunch time in order to engage students and support communication and interaction.

In terms of logistics, all students will be travelling to EER during the school day using public transport for the most part. We have timetabled this to ensure that lesson time is not impacted by travel and form classes will use this travel as an opportunity to integrate individualised travel training programmes into the school day.

I am very excited to see our students flourish within this excellent new facility.

Yours Sincerely,

Bridget Young

Head Teacher


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