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Since its inception, The Holmewood School has offered reflexology to its students.


Reflexology is a non-intrusive, calming therapy which involves applying gentle pressure to different points on the feet, hands or face. Reflexology’s primary aim is to encourage relaxation and to support the student's mental and physical health.
It differs to the other therapies Holmewood provides as it doesn’t require the students to actively participate. All they need to do is sit down in a comfy reclining chair, try and relax, and allow the Reflexologist to work. The sessions take place in a quiet room and last for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

In addition to relaxation, the sessions can help to reduce anxiety, relieve tension, improve concentration, regulate mood swings, improve quality of sleep and also aid digestion, which can be problematic for a lot of the students.

It can often take some gentle persuasion to get the children to try it out, though once they do the majority find it calming and therapeutic and it is something they really look forward to on a weekly basis.

Image of foot reflexology chart
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