Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

At Holmewood, we Think Differently. In 2018 we were awarded the TES Independent Schools wellbeing award for our outstanding work in this area. Our student’s happiness and wellbeing lies at the heart of everything we do and Spiritual, social, moral and cultural education (SMSC) is woven through all schemes of work. Our wellbeing program consists of SMSC and SMSC Events, Life-skills, Forest School, Outdoor Education and Residentials, Footprints Life Camp and Yoga/OT Cafe.


There are a wide variety of SMSC events and initiatives throughout the year from assemblies to SMSC breakfast clubs and a morning wellbeing program where students choose from yoga, walking, fitness, reading or boxing to ensure a positive and healthy start to the day. UK and International residential trips run in the spring and summer terms providing opportunities for social interaction and independence through outdoor education. ‘24 hour adventure’ trips also run for a specific cohort of students who would benefit from a higher level of staff support. The International trip is specifically linked to life-skills and independent living for ‘life after Holmewood’. We also run  SMSC projects such as biweekly Tea & Talk sessions to provide a safe space for students to come and chat, Mental Health Awareness Week, Burns Night and open mic events to build confidence and self esteem and bring the school community together.


Footprints Life Camp

Footprints Life Camp is a partner of THSL and  not for profit social enterprise founded by Naj D’Silva, Assistant Head at THSL. In 2017 it won a National Award from The National Autistic Society for Most Creative Community Enterprise. It offers specialised camps to young people on the autistic spectrum irrespective of financial circumstances and combines farming + outdoor education +life-skills in order to reduce social exclusion, promote life-skills and future independence. Footprints is a disability confident employer and also offers paid internships to young people on the spectrum


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