Staff Safety & Wellbeing 


This guidance has been put together to support staff who work at The Holmewood School London.  


At THSL the safety of staff [and students] is paramount and there are a variety of systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure that staff are kept as safe as possible when working with students who can be particularly challenging at times.  


What is challenging behaviour?


Young people with autism have difficulties in several key areas; social interaction; social communication and flexibility of thought.  Many young people with autism and most who attend THSL also have some differences in the way they interpret, integrate and/or respond to sensory stimuli. 


The above factors combined with external factors such as demands made by staff, puberty, illness/pain, moving house, etc. can result in our young people displaying, on occasion, some behaviours that staff may perceive as challenging.  


Challenging behaviour can be defined as 'any behaviour that hurts, scares or annoys us'.  Challenging behaviour should not be taken personally but rather should be seen as an attempt by the person displaying the behaviour to communicate something to us.  


However, regular exposure to or intense periods of challenging behaviour can be difficult for us as staff to cope with, as these behaviours can elicit some strong emotions in all us from time to time.  


Below is a list of some of the things we do in order to ensure our staff are safe.  This list is by no means exhaustive.

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