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Finding that little bit of magic

Lisa Camilleri, Head of The Holmewood School London was asked to contribute to a winter well-being blog, as part of a coaching and leadership development programme in Schools.

Reflecting on “Magic Moments”

As we come to the end of 2016 and my first Christmas as a Head I’ve taken some time to reflect on and celebrate the kindness, warmth and understanding that flows through our school community.

Teaching doesn’t always run perfectly. There are delightful days and days that are just downright difficult. But if we choose, we can find a bit of magic in every day.

The profession we have chosen is all about learning. That goes for us too….learning with our students and learning from them. After a tough week for one young man it ended with the words, “This school is friggin’ amazing!” None of us are perfect but being part of a school that supports and cares for each other can turn failures and disappointments into a desire to grow. Teaching is definitely hard work but by opening our hearts and minds to see the daily miracles our goals are more likely to be achieved.

When we expect the best in our students; when we believe that every one of them has a desire to learn; and when we accept the part we play in influencing the future of each young person, we start to see the magical moments hiding in every day. By focusing on this magic and strengthening ourselves we can soon find our own optimism mirrored in our students.

Teaching is special and there is no other job that is more important. So as we come to the end of the year take a few moments to reflect on all those little miracles and choose to have a little magic in your life every day.

Lisa Camilleri, Head Teacher, The Holmewood School, London @HolmewoodHead

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