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Holmewood Students Show that Autism Does Not Prevent Exams Success

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

This summer Holmewood students achieved astonishing success in their exam results.

When taken into account what a challenging and difficult 18 months our students experienced with the implications of Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns these results are even more remarkable.

In summary our examination results were:

  • 100% A-C Grades in A Levels

  • 100% A-C Grades in GCSEs

  • 89.5% of those are 9-4 Grades including English Language/Literature, Maths, Science, Art, History, Film Studies, Astronomy, Arabic

  • 100% Pass at Level 2 BTECs in Creative Media Production

  • 100% Pass at Entry Level Certificate across English, Maths and Science with 85% gaining Entry Level 3 Certificate and 15% gaining Entry Level 2

  • 100% Pass for Functional Skills Entry Level in Maths with 60% gaining FS Entry Level 3, 32% gaining FS Entry Level 2, and 8% FS Entry Level 1)

Preparing for and sitting exams is a considerable achievement for our students. High levels of anxiety and difficulties with organisation are common needs of autistic students and these are some of the factors that need to be taken into account when helping them prepare.

Our Executive Head Teacher, Ms Camilleri, commented “High levels of anxiety around exams can make it difficult for our students to show their full potential. It is a testament to their determination and resilience and those of our staff that our students were not only able to sit exams but also achieve amazing grades. I am extremely proud of them all.”

We are also pleased to announce that 100% of our sixth form leavers have continued in their education at university or college, or started exciting new apprenticeship positions.

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